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The process can be daunting....

BH Designs will be with you every step of the way


Beginning can be the hardest part of the process for anyone thinking of building a new home or renovating their existing property. You have plenty of ideas of what you would like to achieve, but trying to work out the 'how' can be difficult and at times frustrating.

BH Designs will guide you through this process and help you crystalise your ideas and design a solution that meets your needs and complies with all the regulations that are associated with your property.

BH Designs has a strong belief that you should be part of the design process, as it is you, who will be living in and enjoying your new home. Through preliminary plans and informal 'design meetings', (many of which take place around your kitchen table) a design is created without you feeling like you're losing control of the project.


The concept design has been created and you have approved the final design.

You can start to imagine your new home or renovation. What next....It's now time for you to relax.

BH Designs will turn your concept design into working construction drawings and prepare any associated documentation required for building approval.

What if other consultants are required?

BH Designs has trusted relationships with many consultants that may be required for a building approval. From Surveyors to Structural Engineers, you no longer have to perform numerous searches hoping to find what you need. BH Designs can organise quotes and liaise with these consultants on your behalf. With no pressure to use these contacts, you can always source your own if you already have a consultant in mind.


Development Application or Complying Development. When does either apply?

BH Designs removes the confusion from this question.

BH Designs has extensive knowledge on many Local Council regulations and Complying Development Legislation and will guide you through which option best suits the requirements of your new home or renovation.

Whether dealing with Local Council or a Private Certifier, BH Designs has the experience in both and will work with either to achieve an outcome that leads to approval.


BH Designs' job is done...

Your project has been approved and it is time for the Builder to take the reins and turn BH Designs' drawings into a reality and in many projects this is the case.

But what if your Builder has questions about the design or there is a need for minor changes to the plans?

Rest easy knowing that BH Designs can assist you and will not leave you thinking 'what now'